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VUN meeting, 11.21.2009 transcript

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VUN meeting, 11.21.2009 transcript Empty VUN meeting, 11.21.2009 transcript

Post  FSX Capital Guardians Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:43 pm

[3:39:49 PM] *** Jaster_7h3_1337 added mike carpenter ***
[3:40:08 PM] *** Jaster_7h3_1337 added John Corsi ***
[3:40:10 PM] *** Jaster_7h3_1337 added FSXCG_#1Fury ***
[3:40:13 PM] *** Jaster_7h3_1337 added PCVM_OKTANE ***
[3:40:16 PM] *** Jaster_7h3_1337 added Spartacus ***
[3:40:32 PM] *** Jaster_7h3_1337 added Edward John Rossiter ***
[3:40:41 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ok time for the virtual UN
[3:40:51 PM] John Corsi: okay
[3:41:15 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: yessir
[3:41:20 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: everyone please state which vm you represent: its just a formality
[3:41:44 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: I am the CO of the Capital Guardians, Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, America
[3:42:01 PM] John Corsi: International Operations Forces, Atlantis Virtual Airlines, and the International Trade and Manufacturing Administration.
[3:42:03 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: Jaster_7h3_1337: Jaster Enterprises Merk forces, current C.O.
[3:42:12 PM] Spartacus: Spartacus: SEC/WDF/UMEF
[3:42:33 PM] Spartacus: depending on the VR world
[3:42:40 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: new so its the SEC
[3:42:48 PM] Spartacus: kk
[3:43:13 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: the first thing i would like to bring to the committies attention is the UFFC's declaration of war against the PCVM
[3:43:44 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: would anyone care to start?
[3:44:16 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: sure: I want this war to go forth as a test of the new virtual war system
[3:44:58 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: with all due respect sir, i believe that the war is unprovoked.
[3:45:07 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: it is
[3:45:32 PM] *** Spartacus added chanmike13 ***
[3:45:32 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: but then again, we don't know the motives of the UFFC
[3:45:43 PM] Spartacus: Chanmike is with UFFC
[3:45:44 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: by the way, where are they?
[3:45:57 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: ah
[3:45:57 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: mike carpenter
[3:46:12 PM] Spartacus: Chanmike may fill in for hi if needed
[3:46:47 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: I curently have a contract to work with the UFFC during this war
[3:47:38 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: $50 mil per kill and $100 mil per sortie
[3:47:48 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i dont believe they should be permitted to carry out war without a cause. that is imperialism, and could be considered warmongering
[3:48:14 PM] Spartacus: I concur
[3:48:25 PM] John Corsi: Same here
[3:48:48 PM] Spartacus: If Chanmike or Mike Carpenter do not talk/defend themselves, then there possibly should be sanctions
[3:48:58 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: Jaster Enterpries has a bunch of bases near their territory
[3:49:10 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: until we hear a reason-- no. a JUST reason, the CG is against the war
[3:49:11 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: I mean right next to it
[3:49:25 PM] *** PCVM_OKTANE added PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins ***
[3:49:48 PM] Spartacus: SEC is against this war, and hereby adds that SEC declares absolute Neutrality
[3:50:29 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ok, everyone has stated thier stance, so lets move on to the 2nd order of business, Norway: who does it belong to?
[3:50:47 PM] Spartacus: SEC does not own it
[3:50:54 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: well, no one owns it
[3:50:58 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: both the UFFc and IOF have legitimate claims to Norway
[3:51:05 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: oh
[3:51:32 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: Iof took it over earlier, bt i have pictures of the UFFC takeover
[3:51:37 PM] John Corsi: IOF has had it since we were VRC, when we had a temporarily updates map IOF had control of the northern region of Norway.
[3:51:55 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: what do they need it for?
[3:51:58 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: which was failed to be delivered to me
[3:51:59 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: from both sides
[3:52:03 PM] John Corsi: UFFC has had yet to make contact with us in our response to their message telling us to leave.
[3:53:26 PM] John Corsi: Because I gave it to someone who you work with and said he could get it to you. Regaurdless, now it is under dispute. IOF has long used the northern region of Norway for training. We have made the offer that they can have all military units in Norway and all of Norway except for the northern region.
[3:53:55 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i want to know what they need it for...
[3:54:14 PM] John Corsi: I do not know what UFFC needs it for, they have not made that clear.
[3:54:45 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: same, untill i hear some reasons I won't be fighting in the war, i may be a merk, but there are rules of war that must be followed
[3:54:59 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: agreed
[3:55:17 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: where does the sec stand
[3:55:34 PM] Spartacus: SEC is against this war, and hereby adds that SEC declares absolute Neutrality
[3:55:35 PM] John Corsi: they have claimed neutrality
[3:55:45 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: k
[3:56:11 PM] Spartacus: No military resources will be traded, however domestic resources are still open to trade on both sides
[3:56:31 PM] John Corsi: IOF will not agknowledge the war until UFFC has stated why they are at war.
[3:56:54 PM] John Corsi: Once that is done we will take a neutral stance and begin our humanitarian aid missions.
[3:57:03 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: 3rd order of business, gpeo: should they be allowed in the new world? yay, or nay?(don't capitalize gpeo)
[3:57:11 PM] John Corsi: Nay
[3:57:12 PM] Spartacus: yea
[3:57:15 PM] Spartacus: yay
[3:57:23 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: nay
[3:57:38 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: thats why we left int he first place
[3:58:09 PM] John Corsi: My worry is that regaurdless of rules put in place they will reestablish UCFS and try to take command of this virtual world.
[3:58:18 PM] Spartacus: I vote yay, because gpeo, although great pilots, will have not as much territory as in the old one, and thuss less powerfull, especially if they claim the land they have requested
[3:58:32 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: decision can't be made untill VMC, UFFC, and PCVM vote
[3:58:42 PM] Spartacus: Ok, Iran, the rest of Iraq, Singapore, South Tip.
[3:58:48 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: I vote, nay
[3:59:04 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: so far thats 1 yay, 3 nay
[3:59:30 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: im not sure how the VMC, UFFC, and PCVM will vote... its gonna be close
[3:59:53 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: all three of the others have to vote yay, if one votes nay of abstains gpeo won't be allowed int the new vr world
[4:00:09 PM] John Corsi: I am still afraid that they will try to take control, gpeo will not be able to stand where they claim they want to be for long.
[4:00:25 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: they are power hungry. lets face it
[4:00:28 PM] John Corsi: Along with their contradictions on many important points in the past
[4:00:30 PM | Edited 4:00:36 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: of cource they will try to take control, communism is self expanding
[4:00:59 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: they saw their world collapsing, and try to move to ours, then act like parasites taking our land, and saying they had this and did that when its a whole load of BS
[4:01:09 PM] John Corsi: Exactly
[4:01:13 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: brb
[4:01:32 PM] John Corsi: they break their own laws for their own power
[4:03:15 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: yup
[4:07:26 PM] John Corsi: No matter what they say they will come back for power.
[4:10:31 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: 4th order. we need to add airbus, and BAe to the aircraft manufacturers for the VAs
[4:10:38 PM] John Corsi: Its the way they come back and how they maintain that power that scares me/
[4:11:27 PM] John Corsi: just make Airbus EADS
[4:14:24 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ok ill do that 5th order, the treatment of pow's and mercinaries in a time of war
[4:14:44 PM] Spartacus: Similar to Geneva Convention
[4:14:54 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i second that
[4:15:41 PM] John Corsi: I agree
[4:15:44 PM] Spartacus: However, if you come across a unescorted Cargo ro Bomber, then you must first ask them to surrender, and if they do not comply,then you may shoot them down
[4:15:59 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: agreed
[4:16:15 PM] John Corsi: sounds good
[4:16:21 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: 6th order: jaster enterprises is goint to take over denmark soon
[4:16:53 PM] Spartacus: no problem
[4:17:13 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: mostly for easier trade routs between the UK an Germany
[4:17:16 PM] John Corsi: no issue from IOF
[4:18:21 PM] John Corsi: 7th Order is that after talks between VMC and IOF, IOF will maintain control of California in contradiction to previous statements.
[4:18:38 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ok
[4:19:14 PM] Spartacus: cant really settle that until VMC can defend its view
[4:19:41 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: 8th order(i have about 10 of these:) ) if the pcvm dosen't do anyhing in 1 week what is to be done with them
[4:20:33 PM] Spartacus: Territorial reduction and eventually kicking out of the VR world
[4:20:56 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: that makes sence, anyone oppose?
[4:21:12 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: yes.
[4:21:40 PM] Spartacus: Or we could let UFFC take em over
[4:22:10 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: until we get confirmation that they are ignoring the world, and not taking care of something personal (dont have time maybe?) i oppose
[4:22:27 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: they should be properly informed, and we do not know the circumstances of their idleness
[4:22:48 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: i have warned them 3 times
[4:23:26 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: this issue shall be brought up at the next meating next week
[4:23:38 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ok 9th missile and bomber rules
[4:24:17 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: i say thst you don't need those gay napalm effects
[4:24:38 PM] Spartacus: To Bomb and airport/city, you must either use an effect or fly over the airport 3 times
[4:24:57 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: what about our burst missiles? they are standoff
[4:25:17 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: but you must fly a b-1, b-2, or b-52 to bomb, you can't say that your c-5 is a bomber
[4:25:22 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: take a pic of the aircraft 50 nm from the airport?
[4:25:34 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: i say thst you don't need those gay napalm effects
[4:25:57 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i dont even know where to find '
[4:25:58 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: em
[4:26:01 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: they lag everything up
[4:26:52 PM] Spartacus: for burst missiles, you must take an aerial photo, and use paint to draw a line from where ur aircraft is and to were it ends up, whould take a few minutes, but it takes a few minutes to get there
[4:27:25 PM] Spartacus: For ICBMs, warn the other VM as you launch them, because any satelite would pick it up as they are launched
[4:28:02 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: oh, and no gay partical lasers and such that can shoot down incoming ICBM's
[4:28:12 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: fair enough
[4:28:13 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ahem...gpeo
[4:28:33 PM] Spartacus: For anti-BM systems, you must report coverage, locations, and capabilities of all missile systems, balluistic, guided, etc
[4:28:57 PM] Spartacus: AnNow what about infantry/ground battles
[4:29:02 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: how about SAMs?
[4:29:18 PM] Spartacus: eport coverage, locations, and capabilities of all missile systems,
[4:29:45 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: people will be like "oh look, i evaded a sam"
[4:29:54 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ground battles depend on the numbers, capability, and overall efeectiveness of ground forces
[4:30:00 PM] Spartacus: true
[4:30:17 PM] Spartacus: what the terrain is, cover,
[4:30:26 PM] Spartacus: Numbers, capability, etc
[4:30:39 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: numbers, capability, and overall efeectiveness of ground forces
[4:30:51 PM] Spartacus: No way a squad of Spec Ops can toake out 500 regular soldiers
[4:31:10 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: no
[4:31:28 PM] Spartacus: What about naval battles?
[4:31:51 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: naval battles will be fought using fsx and naval ships
[4:32:06 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: along with carrier based aircraft
[4:32:54 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: in order for a fighter to lock on to a naval ship it be within xxmiles of a ship and the standard counting rules apply
[4:33:17 PM] Spartacus: 5 miles
[4:33:22 PM] Spartacus: ?
[4:33:29 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: sure
[4:34:30 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: and missiles from ships?
[4:34:30 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: what are the rules for ship to air combat/
[4:34:47 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i say visual on the ship, and a 15 second count
[4:35:06 PM] Spartacus: ok 10 mile, 15 second count
[4:35:23 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: yeah thats better
[4:35:30 PM] John Corsi: sounds good
[4:35:43 PM] Spartacus: Ship SAM,s 10 miles, 12 second count
[4:36:11 PM] Spartacus: Mst be seen from the ship's bridge, if possible
[4:36:26 PM] Spartacus: Phalanx, 1 mile, 3 second count
[4:37:00 PM] Spartacus: must be in the Phalanx's field of view
[4:37:12 PM] John Corsi: k
[4:38:00 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: fine
[4:38:16 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: someone is writing all of this down right?
[4:41:35 PM] John Corsi: and what will rules involving nuclear weapons be?
[4:41:48 PM] John Corsi: will they just work as ICBM's?
[4:42:17 PM] Spartacus: SLBMs work as ICBMs
[4:43:15 PM] John Corsi: okay
[4:45:20 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: anything else?
[4:45:41 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: hold on, let me make a list of naval ships
[4:46:03 PM] Spartacus: OH!!! I just thoguht
[4:46:18 PM] Spartacus: A screen shot must be taken for eery kill to be confirmed
[4:46:31 PM] John Corsi: okay
[4:46:45 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: ooh thats good
[4:46:57 PM] John Corsi: from the cockpit view at the 5th second
[4:47:16 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: solves a bunch of "the one that shall not be named " problems
[4:47:52 PM | Edited 4:48:01 PM] Spartacus: And to clear thing up, Fox 2 mean you fire one missile at a time, and Fox 3's (more than on missile) are prohibited with the exception of ICBMS, etc
[4:48:06 PM] John Corsi: k
[4:48:12 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: and Fox 1?
[4:48:39 PM] Spartacus: Fox 1 is guns, but we would regularly say guns guns guns
[4:48:47 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: lol
[4:48:57 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: fox one is radar guided missile
[4:49:01 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i think
[4:52:02 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: FSX Gudrun Maersk Gudrun Maersk Container Ship, USS Ronald Reagan, uss New Jersey, USS Fletcher, USS Fitzgerald, Uss Port Royal,
[4:52:34 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: we can designate them what we want though right?
[4:52:36 PM] Spartacus: Actually
[4:52:45 PM] Spartacus: Nimitz class carriers
[4:52:45 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: like... CGS Nova?
[4:52:53 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: uss reganis a nimitz
[4:53:13 PM] John Corsi: A rule we had at one point (Forgotten by gpeo) was that for missiles you had to be within 1 mile and have them in front of you for 5 seconds, after calling fox 2 though they had two more seconds to get away b4 it was a kill. If you got within .5 miles you could call that you are using guns and after 5 seconds it is an automatic kill. If you like the idea we could bring it back
[4:53:44 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: oh and you have a cirtain number of missiles
[4:53:52 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: plus the regan dosen't lag as much as some of the others
[4:53:54 PM] Spartacus: Reagan, Bush, Carl Vinson, Nimitz, T Roosevelt,etc
[4:53:59 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: somehow they all had 1000000 missiles without landing
[4:55:30 PM] Spartacus: Planes must use their real-world capabilities
[4:55:36 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: yeah
[4:56:14 PM] Spartacus: You can have up to 10 missiles on a stock EF2000, but you can add 2 tripods, ending up with 16
[4:56:32 PM] Spartacus: Actually 14
[4:56:42 PM] Spartacus: because 2/10 are on the 2 tripods
[4:56:43 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: hey i forgot the uss new jersey is ony an ai ship
[4:57:00 PM] John Corsi: how about to keep things simple every plane has 12 missiles
[4:57:01 PM] Spartacus: the USS NJ can be piloted I belive
[4:57:09 PM] Spartacus: k
[4:57:18 PM] John Corsi: how about that rule though, would everyone be cool w/ tht?
[4:57:28 PM] Spartacus: that's fine
[4:57:55 PM] Spartacus: Bombers
[4:57:59 PM] John Corsi: 12 missiles or the combat rule?
[4:58:03 PM] Spartacus: 12 missiles
[4:58:06 PM] John Corsi: okay
[4:58:19 PM] Spartacus: Bombers can have the payload of their real-world counterparts
[4:58:50 PM] John Corsi: But then the question is how many runways, barracks, control towers, units, etc. can they take out
[4:58:53 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: how about that rule though, would everyone be cool w/ tht?i think that we should have real world payload
[4:59:34 PM] Spartacus: Dpends on the bomb
[4:59:36 PM] Spartacus: LOL
[4:59:59 PM] Spartacus: a MK84 can take ou more than a MK83
[5:00:19 PM] Spartacus: ,but a JADM is accurate, bunker buster and can take out almost anything
[5:00:43 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: especialy a bunker0.o
[5:00:46 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: HARM?
[5:01:08 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: yes there shal be much when a bomb lands on your head
[5:02:06 PM] John Corsi: wait
[5:02:15 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: that doesnt answer my question. what about HARM missiles?
[5:02:17 PM] John Corsi: wht rule do u think i was talking about?
[5:02:18 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: AGM-88s
[5:02:40 PM] Spartacus: not familiar with em LOL
[5:03:06 PM] John Corsi: i gtg, but heres wht i was talking about, think this over i think it could be useful for realism
[5:03:08 PM] John Corsi: A rule we had at one point (Forgotten by gpeo) was that for missiles you had to be within 1 mile and have them in front of you for 5 seconds, after calling fox 2 though they had two more seconds to get away b4 it was a kill. If you got within .5 miles you could call that you are using guns and after 5 seconds it is an automatic kill. If you like the idea we could bring it back
[5:03:18 PM] Jaster_7h3_1337: sure
[5:06:31 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: AGM-88s are used to take out radars. HARM= High Anti Radiation Missile
[5:06:45 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: radiation meaning radar
[6:25:24 PM] edward.john.rossiter: hey I'm back
[6:39:27 PM] edward.john.rossiter: I have another point
[6:40:14 PM] edward.john.rossiter: standardizing the number in a battallion, platoon, regiment, squadron e.t.c.
[7:20:57 PM] John Corsi: thats a good idea
[7:22:03 PM] John Corsi: and edward, do you think we should let gpeo into this virtual world?
[7:22:13 PM] John Corsi: we have 3 people against it and one for it
[7:22:44 PM] John Corsi: some of us are just worried that they'd come back and try to retake power
[7:23:59 PM] edward.john.rossiter: Well idk the VMC didn't really have much to do with the old world so idk what they did or how they acted. But I think if we can control there power, or something along that lines it would be ok. But they would need to be monitered, and no power be placed upon them.
[7:26:57 PM] edward.john.rossiter: So my answer is dependant that we can control their expansion and power
[7:43:18 PM] mike carpenter: Gen. Mike "godfather" UFFC
[8:25:59 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: good, you're here
[8:26:17 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i was interested in knowing what provoked your war with the PCVM.
[8:26:44 PM] Edward John Rossiter: oh and I am Lt. Gen VMC-Edward from the Virtual Marine Corps
[8:26:47 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: that makes two of us
[8:27:19 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: about the war
[8:27:37 PM] mike carpenter: well they have too much teritory all of sea is too much
[8:27:46 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we have none of the sea
[8:28:02 PM] mike carpenter: sea= south east asia
[8:28:02 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we have Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab.
[8:28:03 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: the sea is international waters
[8:28:20 PM] mike carpenter: sea is south east asia
[8:28:32 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: oh its an acronym.
[8:28:37 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: you wernt clear on that
[8:28:39 PM] mike carpenter: ya
[8:28:40 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we have such small territory
[8:28:58 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: i, personally, do not believe they have too much territory
[8:29:04 PM] mike carpenter: you have japan, korea, half of australa, and alaska
[8:29:11 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: heck no we dont
[8:29:20 PM] Edward John Rossiter: The map sais you do
[8:29:21 PM] mike carpenter: LOOK AT THE GOD DAMNMAP YOU IDIOT
[8:29:23 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we have The United Arab, Oman, and Yemen.
[8:29:32 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: gentlemen, please.
[8:29:34 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: ill show the goddamn map
[8:29:36 PM] mike carpenter: NO YOU FUCKING DONT
[8:29:49 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: gentlemen! please, calm down.
[8:29:57 PM] Edward John Rossiter: lol
[8:30:31 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: fury take a look at it
[8:30:40 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: mike it failed to you
[8:31:12 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: thats the wrong map
[8:31:21 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: thats the only map we are a part of
[8:31:36 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we are not in any other thing, i tried to make this clear earlier
[8:31:37 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: OKTANE hasnt talked to you lately has you?
[8:31:51 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: he has, but we havent joined this
[8:31:56 PM] mike carpenter:
[8:32:01 PM] PCVM_OKTANE: talked to him about wat
[8:32:01 PM] mike carpenter: green is pcvm
[8:32:09 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: the new world.
[8:32:16 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: we left the old one with the GPEO remember?
[8:33:05 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we arent even a part of this map, we shouldnt be
[8:33:28 PM] Edward John Rossiter: Is the Pacific Carrier Virtual Military apart of the New FSX Virtual World
[8:33:48 PM] mike carpenter: That is an excess of land aprox 1/8 is owned by pcvm
[8:34:15 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: please sir, we dont need to use language.
[8:34:37 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: that may makes sense though... I havnt seent he PCVM talk in the new forums yet
[8:34:41 PM] mike carpenter: i demand you hand over japan
[8:35:11 PM] mike carpenter: i demand this war criminal of pcvm be executed imidatly
[8:35:29 PM] mike carpenter: DAMN YOU TALK TO JASTER
[8:35:39 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: read my fucking messages
[8:35:45 PM] *** mike carpenter ejected PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins from this conversation. ***
[8:35:47 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: please!
[8:35:54 PM] mike carpenter: their problem solved
[8:36:19 PM] *** mike carpenter ejected PCVM_OKTANE from this conversation. ***
[8:36:23 PM] *** FSXCG_#1Fury added PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins ***
[8:36:26 PM] mike carpenter: rid the world of PCVM
[8:36:46 PM] *** PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins added PCVM_OKTANE ***
[8:36:53 PM] mike carpenter: THEN GET OUT OF THIS CONFRENCE
[8:37:13 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: why did you start this in the first place without any information?
[8:37:46 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: you have 3 VMs who believe you are warmongering, UFFC
[8:37:58 PM] mike carpenter: warmongering my ass
[8:38:12 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: we arent even in that freaking world.
[8:38:14 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: so far the PCVM has not provoked anyone.
[8:38:28 PM] mike carpenter: they have an excess of land and the map dosnt lie
[8:38:38 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: as far as we could tell, you didnt even bother CONTACTING them before you declared war
[8:38:53 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: they didnt contact me or OKTANE
[8:38:53 PM] Edward John Rossiter: As they have stated "They are not in the NEW world"
[8:39:16 PM] mike carpenter: i did on the forum did they not get my ultimadum their leader recived a p.m.
[8:39:18 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: but yous till declared war
[8:39:36 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: if you did contact them, they wouldve told you that beforehand
[8:40:07 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: but did you talk to them before that? asking them to PEACEFULLY hand over the land?
[8:40:09 PM] Edward John Rossiter: You can't declare war if they are not in the world
[8:40:11 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: thank you edward finally someone gets it
[8:40:12 PM] mike carpenter: well it must have been a snafu i declare a international treaty and my forces will back down
[8:40:44 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins:
[8:41:07 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: this is the map we are using and are a part of, we arent with your thing and own none of the green land in your territory
[8:41:24 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: good evening, gentlemen
[8:41:49 PM] mike carpenter: i back down
[8:41:53 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: finally
[8:42:44 PM] mike carpenter: UFFC forces will peacfully stand down and enter back into their own borders as of 0000 tonite
[8:43:07 PM] PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins: good and we will remain on our own map
[8:44:20 PM] mike carpenter: and you leave this confrecne for you are not a part of the new world
[8:44:24 PM] *** mike carpenter ejected PCVM_HIGGINS/Tory Hollins from this conversation. ***
[8:44:27 PM] *** mike carpenter ejected PCVM_OKTANE from this conversation. ***
[8:44:32 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: you do not need to kick them
[8:44:39 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: let them leave on their own accord
[8:44:53 PM] mike carpenter: they did not belong
[8:45:17 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: still
[8:46:16 PM] mike carpenter: if you do not beling you shouldnt be in here
[8:46:46 PM] FSXCG_#1Fury: they were INVITED. they didnt come on their own.
[11/21/2009 8:48:40 PM] Edward John Rossiter: Can you summaries the transcript
[11/21/2009 8:48:41 PM] Edward John Rossiter: lol
[11/21/2009 8:48:47 PM] mike carpenter: no
[11/21/2009 8:49:07 PM] Edward John Rossiter: Fury
[11/21/2009 9:52:50 PM] John Corsi: Here is another important point to why we should not allow gpeo
[11/21/2009 9:53:05 PM] John Corsi: "It "Takes Time To Build the Facilities" I cant believe how one an falsly calim things to be fact, you cant just invade a land and expect the current forces to fight on your behaf, they would rebel, why I know this (I Have Studdied it) You try to have a leader of another faction give you total command of their faction and see what happenes, it will split up and they wont fight for your cause, and again you cant pull trops out your ass, unless you do a draft of some sort and even then millions of troops will not fight, they will surrender and fail, the rainks will be all disprganized, with quantity over quality all you have is a bunch of civilians with guns, bad training and horible leadership. Prove the facts and no one will protest."

This was posted on the ITTN forum
[11/21/2009 9:53:34 PM] mike carpenter: corsi how much u want for me to claim norway for good
[11/21/2009 9:53:41 PM | Edited 9:53:56 PM] John Corsi: they are against the idea of having the forces in areas you capture and would be against that idea, when gpeo wants something they piss everyone off 2 go for it
[11/21/2009 9:54:09 PM] John Corsi: lets discuss this in a private chat
[11/21/2009 9:54:28 PM] Edward John Rossiter: ok
[11/21/2009 9:54:59 PM] John Corsi: mike, did you get the contact request?
[11/21/2009 9:55:09 PM] Edward John Rossiter: John do you have a summary of the whole meeting?
[11/21/2009 9:55:19 PM] John Corsi: no
[11/21/2009 9:56:33 PM] John Corsi: in brief we discussed the rules of engagement, combat rules, and gpeo becoming part of this virtual world
[11/21/2009 9:57:02 PM] Edward John Rossiter: ok
[11/21/2009 10:15:57 PM] John Corsi: UFFC and IOF have made an agreement in regards to Norway
[11/21/2009 10:16:07 PM] John Corsi: IOF will take the northern region
[11/21/2009 10:16:32 PM] John Corsi: All forces in the area will report to Oslo for commissioning with UFFC forces in Norway
[11/21/2009 10:16:52 PM] John Corsi: UFFC will have full mineral rights to materials in the area
[11/21/2009 10:17:19 PM] John Corsi: IOF will have financial, military, and political control of the airports in the area.
[11/21/2009 10:17:37 PM] John Corsi: IOF will be operating from the city of Bodo (ENBO)
[11/21/2009 10:29:15 PM] Edward John Rossiter: how many troops would yousay would be resonable for a battallion, platoon, regiment, and how many aircraft to a squadron
[11/21/2009 10:34:32 PM] John Corsi: Team is 4, Squad is 12, Platoon is 30, Battalion is 500, Regiment is 3,000, Brigade is 7,000, Division is 15,000. Flight is 2 aircraft, squadron is 4 aircraft, group is 32 aircraft (8 squadrons), and a wing is 100 aircraft (25 Squadrons). These may not be 100% accurate, but I think they'll work for our purposes.
[11/21/2009 10:35:05 PM] Edward John Rossiter: Sounds good
[11/21/2009 10:35:25 PM] Edward John Rossiter: that will make it easier to collect your military
[11/21/2009 10:35:47 PM] Edward John Rossiter: because it tells you the wings and squadrons, and now you can just say the number of aircrat
[11/21/2009 10:35:49 PM] Edward John Rossiter: *aircraft
[11/21/2009 10:39:14 PM] Edward John Rossiter: I will make a summary of the meeting and put it in the forums
[11/21/2009 10:41:54 PM] John Corsi: Okay
[11/21/2009 11:26:16 PM] Spartacus: Ok, I talked to Oktane myself, as did Jaster, and you agreed to join the new VR world
[12:20:44 AM] Edward John Rossiter: I am making a Summary of the meeting, and should be available by tommorrow
[12:20:52 AM] Edward John Rossiter: It will be posted up in the forums
[12:20:54 AM] Edward John Rossiter: brb
[1:36:36 AM] Jaster_7h3_1337: ... damn I missd the good stuff, DAMN YOU CIV IV!
[1:38:42 AM] Jaster_7h3_1337: neadless to say i will make changes accordingly
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