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Flight Sim X Virtual World - Virtual Militaries, Various Corporations from Airline to Manufacturing, Communities and Causes. This VR World is a global political game in which many different things can happen, treaties, wars, corporate expansion and etc. We use FSX because we have the whole world, time and weather to use as a real time global platform, to write a historical time line, to construct things in real time, to operate the global system on a virtual scale and to have fun and excitement. There is always something for everyone, though in this VR World the borders are different, there are no artificial terrorist to fight, there are only other factions. Faction leaders may become angered toward one another, in this case wars could be fought, it is encouraged to not leave the VR World just because another faction is defeating you and you might be angered at them, think of this as if it were the real world, should a faction start to lose it is up to the leaders to surrender, disband, or go underground, which is when the excitement can overwhelme someone. Try to keep in mind that some craft are limited to only a few factions, unless a faction allowes the craft to be traded or if a faction captures the facilities or craft. Just look around, read and examine how this VR World works, keeping an open-mind and good imagination will result in members having an extremely exciting experience.

Virtual Military:

Establishing an Armed force faction in this VR World is easy, though factions are limited to what kind of craft are used due to certain craft not being available to every faction, which is why there is many kinds of craft to use. Carriers are among the most wanted craft to have in a faction, but they are very limited and only few factions are able to have them or they are mostly taken, sometimes factions will use the same carrier being allied or partnered together, carriers are valuable and are not always sunk, but are damaged and captured, or are captured in port. Factions can place an order for a carrier, but construction is real time and takes years, so factions will need to have patience.Types of factions varies, here are some examples though they are just ideas and examples:Defense Force – Defends a type of community or defends a resource or cause in a certain region

Mercenary Force - Groups of lone pilots or teams of pilots always looking for a job can be defense, combat assistance, hits, decoys, etc. Example: Private Corporation hires a Private Defense Force

Peace Force - Secures stability in regions that are constantly at war, and to bring factions to the negotiating table. Or attempts to stabilize civil unrest and to help keep coup d’├ętat’s from over throwing current factions.

Marxist Faction - Promotes a cause for change in an established faction by rebellion, ether to take control over it, securing the region from the current establishment, or by breaking off and colonizing a new, unclaimed region, to start a new faction.

Dictatorship Faction - A faction that seeks to grow and expand, its members are loyal to the rule and leadership of one person

Democratic Faction - Is lead by the members of the group who all have a say so in what happens in the faction, members hold meetings and vote on its direction, eventually becoming a republic or semi dictatorship

Communist Faction - All members are equal and have a position assigned to them depending on their abilities, all follow a council of chosen leaders which are selected by the common members to make decisions on the direction of the faction

Fascist Faction - The strongest and most dominant member of the faction leads the pack, and assigns positions to whoever they deem worthy of a certain position. This type of faction follows the strong and defeats the weak, and strives to expand its rule

Kingdom Faction - Follows a code of honor and loyalty to a royal leader or established monarch. These factions mostly are settled in a small region and are usually protected by an Elite Knighthood unitFor factions just starting out here is a simple structure that could be used to start up from nothing:

1. Think of a name that will stick for your future faction

2. Think of a region to start up in the VR World, a place that is not taken

3. Come up with a structure in which your faction will use when you have enough members

4. Establish a training program so that when recruits start joining they will be ready for training

5. Establish a recruiting program and use the training program to train them

6. Start building up your economy by having corporations base in your territory

7. Establish bases and an industrial infrastructure using corporations

8. Now the excitement for your faction will begin, war games, conflicts, anything can happenRemember, military factions are as powerful as their economy, manpower, combat skills, and intelligence. It will never take a day to defeat an enemy, it must be done in steps, example:

1. Gather information on your potential rivals using agents or spies, know where all of their bases and infrastructure is

2. Once common knowledge is known about the enemy or rival, plan and start tactical assaults on each area of importance. Remember to start from your home region or temporarily use a friendly factions region to stage an invasion

3. Use aircraft to fly in invasion forces or naval a force and use amphibian forces to land on a beach to capture some land, and use a contractor to build a field base and HQ somewhere to further strengthen the fronts.

4. Remember that strategically starting at the closes area is more effective, taking out or capturing bases and factories as you close on the enemy HQ, all bases and areas must be captured or destroyed and the amount of members in that faction must be shot down before a victory can be claimed, so if you have 20 members and only 2 active if the rivals shoot them down 20 times then there is no military defense, unless the faction gains more members, and members are counted as official members, factions cannot claim a sign up as a member, they must be accepted and official. If all bases and facilities are destroyed then there is no possible way to fight back, even if there is members left, though if that happens they are at the mercy of being based in with other factions regions if they are accepted. Just remember to keep things realistic and honest, no cheating and be sensible and logical, and if you are starting out try not to rush into a war, you most likely lose.

Virtual Corporations:

Construction Industry:

This is where a group of individuals who are experienced in various programs gather to create an industrial complex. This group can even be one individual, but they must have superior skills or they will not make it in this VRW. Companies can be aircraft painters, scenery editors, CFG editors, private military contractors or mercenaries, or other contractors. A construction contractor or corporation in this VRW is an individual or group of individuals that make scenery for airports, various military bases, factories, towns, ports, various corporate facilities, railways and roadways connecting them. (Basically experienced scenery editors) If you or a group of individuals can put forth the effort and are experienced enough to make decent sceneries then your corporate experiences might be needed for factions in this VR world, CEO's can also hire private and call on security forces to defend their infrastructures, as long as it is diplomatically legal by the governments in the regions. Corporations mark their areas of interest on a map and post it in the main map room under corporate map.

Sub Corporate Companies: A Sub corporate company is aircraft manufacturing, arms, oil, power stations, agriculture (farming and food production), and various research and development facilities. This sub corporation will need to hire an industrial corporation to build them a facility to work out of.

Example: Construction contractor places a factory, building or industrial complex in a town or city, the sub corporation sets up in a building or industrial complex or compound with all the structures they need to start their work, the complex of factories and other various buildings can be used by one or more sub corporations.

Sub Corporation Examples:

Aircraft Painters – Paints craft for VM’s, can be part of a Faction

Scenery editors – Is like a construction contractor, builds anything; can also be part of a faction

Manufacturing Corporations – Can manufacture many different things, though needs a factory for each type of craft, ship or vehiclePharmaceutical Corporations – Makes medical, vaccines, and health supplies, needs research facilities and small manufacturing plants

Science and technology research Corporations – Researches tech, limited to certain regions unless capable of good imaginational realistically speaking, also needs research facilities and test grounds

Space Agencies – Deals with the exploration of Space and its research, some factions can use it to an advantage for military use, though it is limited to regional areas unless a faction can find a good spot for launching space craft, respecting that parts fall and need a place to land ether in water or vast areas of assessable lands like deserts or plains; these agencies are limited in resources and are difficult to establish unless they are already up, factions mostly share these facilities

We will use that standard GPEO VW rules exept there will be several exeptions

-VM's are free to expand as long as they post the results

-VM's that are considered to powerful or to big will have there territory reduced

-VM's will only be able to take over each other if war has been declared and 24 hours has passed from the declaration (this dosen't apply is you are attacked as long as the rules have been followed)

-The Map will be called "THE NEW MAP"


-All operations must be claerly labeled in the FSX lobby. We will use the competitions lobby.

-VM's that have lost a war cannot declare war or have war declared upon then for 1 week.

-At least one member of a VM has to be on either skype or teamspeak for an engagement to occur.

All these things will be decided by me. I will even limit my own mercinary faction. Failure to comply by these rules will result in territory reduction or even removal from the map if the offence is bad enough.

licences are now being sold by the corporations that will allow you to build the things that you have purchased. You MUST have a licence in order to produce anything made by that company locally. Anything that is made without a licence is cannot be used. If you don't want to purchase a license you don't have to but in order to make any aircraft you must order them from the companies through the forums.

the virtual corporations are offering a 10% discount of all items produced from them, If you own the land their main headquarters is in. this however dosen't apply to licences and goods locally produced.

How long production takes:


Helicopters, 1 day
Fighters, 2 days +1 day per 100mil +1 day for stealth
Cargo, 3 days +1 day per 100mil
Bombers, 5 days +1 day 200mil +1 day for stealth
* if these are locally produced it takes double the time


Cariers: 2 months
Submarine: 1.5 months
All others: 1 month


F-22: 4 days
F-35: 3 days
AC-130: 4 days
C-5: 4 days
B-2: 6 days
B-1: 9 days

If a company makes them you will get them in 24 hours after the construction is complete, unless they are in your territory, which means that you will recieve them immeditly after construction.

Special Rules:

Every once in a while the Virtual United Nations meets to set international rules that apply to evey VM. They also meet to allow other VM's into the virtual world.

All factions that join shall have one week of peace to build up their forces. All factions shall also start with 1 f-18 for each member but they also have $300,000,000 in spending money to buy planes, bombs, ect. All factions must put up all financial records and such for their week of peace and to recieve their territory. Each faction has 1 week from the time this is posted (unless they have done it before) IF IT IS NOT POSTED THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE IN THE NEW WORLD UNTILL IT IS. If a faction takes longer than 1 week to put up its financial records they will not recieve their week of peace or the free f-18's.


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