WDF Orders

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WDF Orders

Post  Spartacus on Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:59 am

WDF will be buying:
200 F35Bs
100 F35Cs
32 F16DVs
3 C5


I want 50 F35Bs in Beufort MCAS
I want 50 F35Bs in Yuma MCAS
I want 100 F35Bs in Nellis AFB
I want 5 of F35s to go to:
5 in Jacksonville NAS
5 in Corpus Christi NAS
5 to Norman Manely Int'l
5 to UK
5 to Kuwait (Ali Al Salem AB)
10 to 2 Indonesian Bases (Wadola and Seberuit)
5 to Peru (El Mata AB (?))
5 to Russia (Pulkovo)
5 to HMS Bastard Memorial
5 to Ford Island, Hawaii
40 to Lacarna Int'l

I want all F16s to Ben Gurion

I want C5s to Key West NAS


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