UFF monthly financial report

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UFF monthly financial report

Post  teen2115 on Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:31 pm

uff recieved roughly 100,782,765,972.57 this month and this number has been consistant the past few months this number is expected to increase due to the new land and purchases that are upcoming

our proof:
[10:25:27 PM] GEN.Falcon: what do we post in our monthly financial statement
[10:25:39 PM] Spartacus (Will D): how much you get
[10:25:48 PM] Spartacus (Will D): and what proof you have to support it
[10:26:57 PM] GEN.Falcon: is it accurate to assume we get about 100,782,765,972.57 a month
[10:27:08 PM] Spartacus (Will D): ok
[10:27:36 PM] GEN.Falcon: ok duznt anser my question is ok a yes?
[10:27:51 PM] Spartacus (Will D): yes


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