Evacuation of the Falkland Islands

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Evacuation of the Falkland Islands

Post  cappilot12 on Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:37 pm

After a chemical spill in the Falkland Islands the islands has been evacuated after the WDF Weekly News reported a chemical leak on the island. The island has been evacuated by IOF aircraft and the population has been moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Each of the 3,140 citizens will receive $50,000 to help them adjust to the new city and $30,000 to help cover damages. The average yearly pay is $25,000 so this should cover all expenses. The total cost is $251,000,000 to the occupants and $30,000,000 towards cleaning the chemicals up and protecting the environment that is left. A IOF Biological Warfare Analyst Team has been dispatched to find out what is salvageable on the island. Three local emergency response personnel and one IOF soldier were injured and IOF will be giving $250,000 to each one for medical expenses and damages. The total cost is $281,750,000.


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