ITMA Buyers Notes

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ITMA Buyers Notes

Post  cappilot12 on Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:21 pm

Attention Buyers of the B-1R Vampire and RB-1 Hermes

If you have engine damage let us know and we will replace the engines.

Only use four notches of flaps, if you extend the flaps all the way the aircraft will enter a stall (That was in the .air file, I just don't have the time to fix it)

These aircraft cannot be sold to other VM's after purchase, but ITMA will buy them back for 80% of the amount you bought them for.

When in high altitude flight we advise use of full afterburners, your aircraft will still have extreme range.

You must alert ITMA and the IOF before developing a weapon designed specifically for an ITMA aircraft.

The smoke effect that comes with the aircraft is a simple flare, if you're using it for bombing be sure to switch the effect.[b][i]


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