WDF News Weekly, 19 December 2009

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WDF News Weekly, 19 December 2009

Post  Spartacus on Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:20 am

There will not be many details, because this is SPARTA WDF news, and we don't go into detail at all.

WDF News:

In the predicted turn of events in South Ameria, all WDF will be able to return home for Christmas, however, an elite security force and a garrison of fighter/interceptors will remain.

In Tuscaloosa, AL, the University of Alabama is gearing up for the January 7th BCS Champonship game against Texas. It will be a game for the Ages.

A major riot has been put down in Wellington, New Zealand. The cause is yet to be determined, but it is rumored to caused by the losing soccer/football team's fans. The Aurstralian national team beat the New Zealand national team 5-4 ending with penalty kicks after the "golden goal" overtime.

WDF Strategic Air Command has succefuly tested the Jericho V ICBM in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Jericho V will be able to carry 15 high yield MIRV Warheads, and has range and speed to strike from Texas to China in under 20 minutes. WDF SAC is revamping its strategic defense systems.

In World News:

3 ICDS security guards were killed in Baisiland after a dispute over stolen goods.

Jaster Enterprises is consdidering moving out of Moscow, it will be around the tenth power change since the development of the New World.

The FSXCG fixed the main runways at Andrews AFB. The control tower is under construction. Norfolk NS is still being cleared of rubble.

A Border dispute between Chile and Argentina has ended in bloodshed when 12 Argentinian soldiers were killed patrolling the borders..

In Other News:

Red Flag was scheduled for today, but is being postponed until further notice. Lack of VM participation and the renovation of parts of Nellis AFB caused it.


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