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Post  Spartacus on Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:25 pm

The WDF and FSXCG have signed a non-agression pact. The WDF has been given full rights into and out of the Norfolk area, and given the Unied States 2nd Fleet, in exchange for FSXCG to the Carr (FFG-52), the Kauffman (FFG-59) the Ross (DDG-71). the Virginia class subs the New Hampshire and the North Carolina.

WDF gets:

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)
USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77)


USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55)
USS San Jacinto (CG-56)
USS Normandy (CG-60)
USS Monterey (CG-61)
USS Anzio (CG-68)
USS Vella Gulf (CG-72)

Guided Missile Destroyers

USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51)
USS Barry (DDG-52)
USS Stout (DDG-55)
USS Mitscher (DDG-57)
USS Laboon (DDG-58)
USS Ramage (DDG-61)
USS Gonzalez (DDG-66)
USS Cole (DDG-67)
USS Mahan (DDG-72)
USS McFaul (DDG-74)
USS Donald Cook (DDG-75)
USS Porter (DDG-78)
USS Oscar Austin (DDG-79)
USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81)
USS Bulkeley (DDG-84)
USS Mason (DDG-87)
USS Nitze (DDG-94)
USS James E. Williams (DDG-95)
USS Bainbridge (DDG-96)
USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98)
USS Truxtun (DDG-103)


USS Nicholas (FFG-47)
USS Hawes (FFG-53)
USS Elrod (FFG-55)
USS Kauffman (FFG-59)

Amphibious Assault

USS Nassau (LHA-4)
USS Wasp (LHD-1)
USS Kearsarge (LHD-3)
USS Bataan (LHD-5)
USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7)
USS Ponce (LPD-15)
USS San Antonio (LPD-17)
USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19)
USS New York (LPD-21)


USS Norfolk (SSN-714)
USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723)
USS Newport News (SSN-750)
USS Albany (SSN-753)
USS Scranton (SSN-756)
USS Boise (SSN-764)
USS Montpelier (SSN-765)

Military Sealift Command

USNS Apache (T-ATF-172)
USNS Arctic (T-AOE-Cool
USNS Big Horn (T-AO-198)
USNS Comfort (T-AH-20)
USNS Grapple (T-ARS-53)
USNS Grasp (T-ARS-51)
USNS Grumman (T-AO-195)
USNS Kanawha (T-AO-196)
USNS Laramie (T-AO-170)
USNS Lewis and Clark (T-AKE-1)
USNS Patuxent (T-AO-201)
USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2)
USNS Spica (T-AFS-Cool
USNS Supply (T-AOE-6)
USNS Zeus (T-ARC-7)


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Re: WDF/FSXCG Treaty

Post  FSX Capital Guardians on Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:30 pm

Included in this Pact is a revised version of NATO Article five, stating that if one of us is attacked, we are all attacked. Both factions agree to provide air defense assistance if necessary, and A-A training. this has been a great day for both the FSXCG, and the WDF.

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