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VMC Finances

Post  VMC-Edward on Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:52 pm

The Virtual Marine Corps Finances and spending are as follows:
  • Australia: GDP: $1069 Billion USD, Budget: $218.16 Billion USD, Yearly: $850.84 Billion USD, Monthly: $70.90 Billion USD.
  • United States:
    WashingtonOregonIdahoMontanaWyomingColoradoNew MexicoTotal
    GDP:$311.270 Billion USD$158.223 Billion USD$51.149 Billion USD$34.253 Billion USD$31.514 Billion USD$236.324 Billion USD$76.178 Billion USD$898.911 Billion USD
    Spending:$63.524 Billion USD$32.290 Billion USD$10.438 Billion USD$6.990 Billion USD$6.431 Billion USD$48.229 Billion USD$15.546 Billion USD$183.448 Billion USD
    Remaining:$247.746 Billion USD$125.933 Billion USD$40.711 Billion USD$27.263 Billion USD$25.083 Billion USD$188.095 Billion USD$60.632 Billion USD$715.463 Billion USD
    Monthly Income:$20.645 Billion USD$10.494 Billion USD$3.392 Billion USD$2.271 Billion USD$2.090 Billion USD$15.674 Billion USD$5.052 Billion USD$59.618 Billion USD
  • Canada:
    British ColumbiaAlbertaSaskatchewanManitobaYukonNorthwest TerritoriesNunavutTotal
    GDP:$171.052 Billion USD$224.243 Billion USD$42.880 Billion USD$42.602 Billion USD$1.596 Billion USD$3.905 Billion USD$1.154 Billion USD$487.432 Billion USD
    Spending:$34.908 Billion USD$45.763 Billion USD$8.751 Billion USD$8.694 Billion USD$0.325 Billion USD$0.796 Billion USD$0.235 Billion USD$98.676 Billion USD
    Remaining:$136.144 Billion USD$178.48 Billion USD$34.129 Billion USD$33.908 Billion USD$1.271 Billion USD$3.109 Billion USD$0.919 Billion USD$387.96 Billion USD
    Monthly Income:$11.345 Billion USD$14.873 Billion USD$2.844 Billion USD$2.825 Billion USD$0.105 Billion USD$0.259 Billion USD$0.076 Billion USD$32.327 Billion USD

Virtual Marine Corps GDP: $2455.343 Billion USD
Virtual Marine Corps Spending: $500.284 Billion USD
Total Virtual Marine Corps Remaining: $1954.263 Billion USD
Monthly Income: $162.845 Billion USD

This money is used by the Virtual Marine Corps for training, maintenance, Production, Buying, investments, intelligence, etc.

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